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I am doubtful that 2013 could have kicked off with any more excitement than we’ve seen across the agency, particularly as it relates to the smart, fun work we’ve been doing with our Media6Degrees (m6d) client.

Right out of the gate, we had the opportunity to collaborate with m6d to produce ADS-CON, a half-day symposium dedicated to the exploration of the data science revolution changing advertising (and society) as we know it. To say that people care about this topic would be an understatement. Just a quick Google or Twitter search reveals the enthusiasm big brand and agency executives brought to the event and the positive synergies business and academia are stoking as the revolution rolls on! To date, there are already a half dozen stories and profiles that the event topic has inspired.

That, however, isn’t all that the rock star data czars and czarinas at m6d have been up to as of late. In line with the company’s mission to do whatever possible to help the brands they steward shine, several m6d employees recently played a starring role in a Special K® commercial shot at the company’s headquarters. Check out the ad and see if you recognize anyone. Perhaps, you, like me will be able to say, “I knew them when…”!

Here’s to m6d, data science, brand advertising stardom and continued success in this fabulous new year!
Lana McGilvray