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Well, yet another SXSW has now come and gone. For all the oooh-ing and a-hhhing and fanning and panning, a few things are indisputable: Once again, SXSW Interactive outsold its older siblings music and film. Once again, odd brand stunts stole the show, perhaps this year’s most notable being Mashable’s Grumpy Cat. And, as David Berkowitz at 360i sagely put it, if there was one winner on the app side, it was Eventbrite, collecting and sharing all the event and party registrations.

Mashable Grump Cat SxSW

The Blast PR team was also very busy. We have dedicated two blog posts to the events that really made a splash.

Prior to the kick-off, we were already in full pre-event preparation mode, which included the development of Huff Post and was shared well across social channels.)

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