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Southwest (SXSW) 2014 was, yet again, a busy and exciting time for Blast clients and partners. In support, the team worked around the clock to ensure that everyone was where they needed to be at all times;making the most of the festival.

Lana-CMO Club-SXSW

In hindsight, we have many to thank, including SXSW itself as well as our partners at Altimeter Group, IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) and The CMO Club.


Without the support of our partners, it would have been impossible to bring innovative leaders together from as far away as Cape Town, South Africa. Nor would it have been possible to attract over 9,000 registrants to the opening party at Austin City Limits Live or the array of journalists from Dow Jones, Fast Company, AdWeek, The New York Times, NBC and many more that met with our clients throughout the week.

Here are a few photos and memories from SXSW:


iab sxsw


We hope more of you will join us next year!

Blast client AdColony teamed up with Vox Media, AT&T and Umbel to host the opening night party at Austin City Limits’ Live Moody Theatre. The guest list was maxed out at 3,800 guests, and rumor has it that twice as many tried to get in. The event showcased a live performance from Local Natives.

In the spirit of the well-known catch phrase, “Keep Austin Weird,” AdColony fit right in by releasing a troop of its own astronauts while leveraging SXSW as the platform for its new In-Feed launch. AdWeek took pre-event interest in AdColony’s mission, featuring the company in a great teaser article.


Once the festival began, AdColony’s astronauts rocked out and made their way through the opening night party. The following day, they took to the streets of downtown Austin again, on a new mission to deliver pizza to inhabitants of Austin’s leading incubator, Capital Factory. During their voyage, astronauts offered those they met a chance to win a free mobile video ad campaign worth $10K! Recently, AdColony announced the winner: iM5.


After the start-up initiatives were ignited, Blast then worked closely with The CMO Club to welcome and host over 100 senior brand marketers and CMOs for 5 days. The CMO Club House stood out as a private CMO lounge, offering marketers content, presentations, events, parties and a chance to vote for their favorite startup. OneSpot CEO Steve Sachs was the lucky winner.

As always, SXSW was an amazing, memorable and exhausting experience.

Mission accomplished – Until next year!