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Over the course of the past three years, my teammates at Blast PR have witnessed my personal growth from a single, fresh college graduate (well, second time graduate) to a wife and now, new mother. So many great changes in such a short a period of time. Recently, I’ve come to find that time is racing by like never before giving me a much greater appreciation for just how precious every moment is. Every new milestone my son hits, from the smallest like learning to move his thumb to the big ones like smiling, teaches me to treasure this time.

Christopher Terran, Blast PR Mini-Blaster
Thanks to the great support at Blast, I was able to spend my son’s first three months of life in a bubble. Every day, just he and I coming to learn all sorts of new things about each other, with the “real world” kept at the farthest corners of our minds. But, now that I’m done with maternity leave (and admittedly quite excited to not just be speaking baby babble and sitting around with spit-up on myself all day), I look forward to sharing Christopher with the outside world and introducing him to all the great joys it has to offer.

He has brought a new depth and richness to my life that I could never have fully anticipated or understood before his arrival. And now that I’m back from maternity leave I can’t wait to bring my fresh, fuller perspective to all the work I do at Blast.

I’m so excited to be back and to officially introduce and welcome the newest mini-Blaster, Christopher Michael Terran.

Brook Terran