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Blasters have been getting active recently with the introduction of a new workplace challenge. The ‘Blaster 45’ was implemented by the Blast Culture Squad— it’s a wellness challenge that encourages all Blast employees to get up, get out and get moving! This challenge took place from October 16 until December 15 (45 business days).

Raleigh Blasters taking a walk around the block during an internal meeting.

Each week, Blasters were encouraged to track their daily activity between Monday and Friday. This challenge was intended to encourage Blasters to get creative with ways to be less sedentary during the work day. This could mean anything from walking during a call, to taking the stairs instead of the elevator, to biking to work.

Blaster Lana logging some of her miles on horseback while on vacation.

Blasters are an active bunch already (we have yoga experts, horseback riders and avid runners on staff, just to name a few), but the Culture Squad wanted to take this activity to the next level with a healthy dose of competition. At the end of the challenge, Blast PR donated $100 to the winner’s charity of choice and $50 to the charity of choice for the second place finisher.

Over the course of the entire challenge, Blasters recorded a total of 2,701.47 miles across the team. Our winner was Matt Caldecutt, logging a total of 533.04 miles. Lorene Bagley-Kane came in second with a total of 273.3 miles and will be donating her winnings to the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation. Matt, knowing how much this foundation means to Lorene, offered to donate his winnings to her charity as well. This is a great example of Blasters supporting other Blasters. Great job, Matt and Lorene!

This year’s winner, Matt, working hard in the gym.

Lorene’s view from a late night walk with her dog, Corbet.

Now that the competition has come to an end, we hope Blasters will continue to challenge themselves and find creative ways to bring wellness into their everyday lives.