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This spring, society is blooming with the flowers as the world begins to open back up. With vaccines rolling out and masks mandates lifting, it seems as though we are finally reaching the light at the end of the tunnel. Blast took our usual, unique, day off this spring, but added some extra time of reflecting and remembering many things beyond the past year.

Every year, Blast PR takes off Arbor Day to honor one of our founders, Bryan Formidoni, who we lost too young in 2015. Bryan loved every aspect of nature and when he traveled, he could often be found hiking the local waterfall trail just to sit and listen to nature. While not every blaster got the chance to know Bryan and all the good he was, his passion and love for all things nature and PR are shown throughout Blast’s foundation. 

All blasters felt the weight of the pandemic in their own unique way, each of us going through different struggles yet supporting one another as much as we could. As restrictions lifted, we needed something to attest to everything we’ve been through throughout the past year. So, we took Arbor Day to honor Bryan by doing something that he loved while commemorating the start of recovery after the pandemic. 

Each blaster got the chance to shop for a tree. They chose which species resonated the most, had it safely delivered, and planted wherever they pleased. Each pick was specific to that blaster’s preference, personality and location. Everyone on the team took a picture with their trees to share the process and the stories behind their choices. The trees picked ranged from an Oak tree, Apple tree, Crape Myrtle, Halo Red Twig Dogwood, Arborvitae, even a Colorado Blue Spruce. Some blasters decided to name their trees, including “Ole Blue,” and “Lil Buddy.” Trees were planted across the country, from the heart of New York City to Wyoming, Colorado and beyond. You can find pictures of blaster’s trees below.

Watching these trees grow will continually remind us all of Bryan, his love of nature and how strong we’ve been throughout COVID-19. The trees were delivered with double meanings: symbolizing the new beginning that we find ourselves entering today, and remembering Bryan’s character and love that shows through Blast’s foundation every day we log on. Arbor Day continues to be a day to celebrate Bryan while bringing the team closer together. This tradition follows us from year to year and will continue to be a day that allows celebration and remembrance.