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Ad:tech hit record numbers at this year’s West Coast show, with thousands of digital professionals streaming in and out of its Moscone Center West location in the windy, but oh-so-lovely city of San Francisco.

Ad:tech reported a 15% uptick in international attendance, more than 200 exhibitors, and 30 hours of conference sessions, among them the CPXi team and co-presenter Angela Bostick, Associate Dean of Marketing and Communications for Emory University, home of the world-class MBA program.
In their presentation – to a packed house! – CPXi President, Jeff Hirsch, presented “The Rise of Programmatic Creative” with Angela on hand to present a compelling case study of how the Emory team transitioned from traditional marketing strategy to adopting a programmatic creative solution that proved to be a game-changer in how they were better able to tailor media initiatives for the broad and varied segment of potential MBA applicants.

Their presentation was one of many steps in bringing heightened awareness (and buzz!) to the importance and growing need for programmatic creative in our industry, and its ability to significantly improve campaign success and deliver agility to the creative process.

With Blasters Kathleen Formidoni and Hollis Guerra there to support, the CPXi presentation was deemed a success on all fronts, and all those in attendance enjoyed networking time with clients and partners, and the divine city of San Francisco.

Stay tuned for more on the exciting evolution of programmatic creative!