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Marc Groman, Executive Director of the NAI, was quoted in the CNN piece, “Do Not Track is Dying.” The article examines the current state of the Do Not Track initiative from both sides of the table. Blast has been following the debate around the initiative closely since so many of our clients are in the online advertising industry. The NAI, who has a seat at said table, is also a client, and has been contributing heavily to the discussion. Here’s Marc’s quote from the article:

On the flip side, the industry claims that privacy supporters are trying to impose overly restrictive changes that could seriously damage the digital advertising business.

“We have a real concern about using a sledgehammer for a flyswatter problem,” said Marc Groman, executive director of the National Advertising Initiative, a coalition of online advertisers. “Do Not Track will have a disproportionate effect on our stakeholders.”

Read the whole article here.

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