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As 2016 draws to a close, our clients share their predictions for the industry in the coming year. Looks like mobile, programmatic and video will continue to be hot topics. Check out our snapshot of 2017 predictions…

Factual’s Jonas: 7 Location-based Marketing Trends That Will Shape 2017
Featuring commentary from Rob Jonas, CRO, Factual

“As publishers, media owners and app developers see continued growth, they will become more sophisticated in their collection and use of mobile data. Location data, sensor data and other forms will become a normal trading currency for improving content and advertising and those who embrace this will continue to be long-term winners.”

Two Trends to Watch From Performance Marketing
Including commentary from Jasper Radeke, Director of Marketing, North America, AppsFlyer

“It’s expected by 2018 that mobile will account for over half of all internet advertising – so it’s important that brands start optimizing for mobile…”

Mobile Trends to Watch in 2017
Featuring commentary from Ted Dhanik, CEO and Co-Founder, engage:BDR

“Focus on cord-cutters: Demand is already high for smart TV inventory, and we expect the space to mature in 2017 to better support it. Advertising opportunities for existing content will mature, but we expect content and applications to grow as well.”

Make Ad Dollars Go Farther in 2017
Including commentary from Patrick Hopf, President and Co-Founder, SourceKnowledge

“As performance based ad platforms are becoming more prevalent and easy to operate, more and more companies are bringing their digital strategy in-house…”

Expert: Ad Trends That Will Impact 2017
Featuring commentary from Victor Wong, CEO, Thunder

“In 2017 the IAB is replacing its ad size standards with ratios like 1:1 (square) and 8:1 (leaderboard). Since the emergence of banners, websites have been designed around a few standard sizes. With these new ratio-based formats, sites designs will begin to show more diversity and innovation.”

Prediction: DSPs Will Partner To Cut Costs And Increase Efficiency
Featuring commentary from Jeff Green, CEO, The Trade Desk

“The amount of attention captured per CPM, coupled with the higher recall ability per CPM, makes programmatic audio highly valuable. Spotify and others will guide the music industry to increased ad revenues with this new channel.”

Experts: Video Tied to 2017 Success
Featuring commentary from Miles Pitchard, Head of Marketer & Agency Solutions, Lotame

“We’ve scoped half a dozen POC’s this year alone that speak to supporting OOH media owners in becoming more sophisticated in audience planning and targeting. Not just using static survey data in order to infer demographic but instead using specific hyper-location data in order to understand which devices are traversing through an OOH site and have an opportunity to see a particular placement.”

Top 3 Tips for a Solid AR/VR Strategy
Featuring commentary from Maor Sadra, Managing Director & CRO, AppLift

“VR is still in it’s infancy, but those who produce great content will be in a key position to harvest this future mass audience, as hardware innovation and improvements continue.”

Expert: Mobile, Programmatic Key for 2017
Featuring commentary from Andrew Gerhart, COO, AerServ

“No question that programmatic ad spend is growing, and will continue to do so. A recent eMarketer report showed that programmatic was responsible for two thirds of all ad spend, and programmatic mobile video would eclipse desktop in 2017. If mobile publishers aren’t paying attention to programmatic and figuring out their strategy now, they are falling behind.”

Data, Measurement & Technology in 2017: Experts Predict
Including commentary from Stephanie Snow, Vice President of Ad Operations, Intermarkets

“The increasing abundance of new metrics, technologies, and delivery priorities necessitates more human interaction than ever, despite delivery being more and more automated. If we all work together and hold each other accountable, 2017 will be an amazing year in online advertising.”