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2016 is already in full swing and our clients– led by experts who know what to expect in the year ahead — are arming us with game-changing insights. It looks like lead gen, ad-blocking, audience behavior, the rationalization of marketing tech, mass adoption of account-based marketing, and telecom are just a few examples of key developments in 2016. Take a look at some of the biggest industry developments and predictions to lookout for this year:

What The Top Performance Marketing Experts Predict to See in 2016

Featuring commentary from Semcasting CEO and Founder, Ray Kingman:

Over the coming year, marketing and advertising technologies will continue to march closer together because brands are tiring of point solutions; they want to see audience, attribution, lead gen and others getting optimized for performance and simplified for execution. This will strongly affect the current ecosystem and some players’ standings.”

Also includes predictions from:

Victor Wong, CEO, PaperG

Matt Huser, managing director, nFusion

Lewis Gersh, CEO, PebblePost

Paul Briggs, general manager EMEA & APAC, Madison Logic  

Erik Matlick, CEO, Bombora

Galia Reichenstein, COO & head of US sales, Taptica

Tim Koschella, CEO and co-founder, Applift

Jeff Green, founder and CEO, The Trade Desk  

Philippe Guelton, CEO, SheKnows Media  

Bryan Buskas, SVP of sales, performance advertising, AdColony

Exclusive: Top Industry Execs Make Bold Mobile Advertising Predictions for

Josh Stivers, Advisor, AerServ

“The traditional mobile ad networks that used to directly handle both ad campaign and supply management for agencies are disappearing. Mobile ad networks are being bought up, integrated into and replaced with the DSP and SSPs who can now offer a wide spectrum of mobile ad inventory.”

Web Success Predictions for the New Year

100 Percent Viewability Demands

Philippe Guelton, CEO, Sheknows Media

Top five Predictions for 2016: “Digital agencies and clients will demand 100 percent ad viewability –requiring publishers and platforms to reconceive their ad economy. In a throwback to the 1950’s, advertisers will sponsor entire episodes and series of content, rather than just buying ad space or running product placement.”

Top 3 mobile challenges

Galia Reichenstein, COO & Head of U.S. Sales, Taptica

“Although this is also reflected in the price (mobile app traffic is significantly higher priced), video and interactive formats, which are becoming more integrated into the publisher mix, can make the mobile web inventory more competitive in terms of offering engaging content and yielding higher CTRs and performance…”

Top 3 tips to better manage programmatic ads

Ted Dhanik, CEO, engage:BDR

“The programmatic space can be tricky to negotiate. Supply can be fragmented across platforms, and we have not yet reached the clean ecosystem that so many industry leaders are calling for…”

16 insiders weigh in on digital marketing in 2016

Victor Wong, CEO, PaperG

The IAB’s announcement of the LEAN ads standards (light, encrypted, ad choice friendly, and non-intrusive) in response to the rise of ad blocking spells the end of rich media as we know it…