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November 18th, 2021

This week marks the untimely passing of John Durham, a giant among men in digital advertising who was there from the beginning, helping to improve a nascent industry and give back to so many along the way. ‘Durham’ was a colleague and a friend to just about everyone, including myself and others at Blast. He had a love for travel, Arsenal football, and a good red wine – and knew most wineries intimately.

Given Durham’s nature, it’s no surprise that he recently helped Blast bring together an amazing group of people to form an intimate, purpose-driven advisory board for our agency, all while dealing with his own health issues. He was, and still is, the cornerstone of these efforts. Not a single advisory candidate that Durham introduced us to hesitated to jump in. If you knew Durham, you knew the company he kept, how high his standards were in his relationships and the caliber of the individuals he rubbed shoulders with.

We are proud of the advisory board that Durham built and we look to honor him moving forward. From the outset, we had a pivotal role in mind for Durham, to be our advisory board chairman, which he graciously accepted. We recognize the gravity of Durham’s role in the industry and the outpouring of love far and wide in remembering him. That is why we honor him as our Chairman Emeritus In Memoriam.

Thank you Durham for being a north star and exemplary individual, thank you for passing along your knowledge freely to others, thank you for bringing together individuals to form a better collective. Most of all, thank you John for connecting us to our advisors, we couldn’t have done it without you. 

Warren Pickett
Blast PR