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Meet Blast’s newest interns, Paige and Alisia! Since they started in our Austin office a few weeks ago, we’ve had the opportunity to learn what they’re hoping to achieve during their internship.

Here’s what they had to say:

Paige-head shot
Paige: Hi there! I’m currently finishing up my last semester at Texas State University, just 30 minutes away in San Marcos, Texas. In May, I will graduate with a degree in public relations, minoring in writing and honors studies. In my free time, I run a small photography business and blog about my PR journey, as well as work for my university’s student run agency. Whenever possible, you can find me outside with my precious corgi, Paddington.

This semester at Blast, I’m hoping to:
*Gain hands-on agency experience – My past two internships have involved working as a social media coordinator at a SaaS company and a marketing intern for a non-profit. Now that I’m finally at an agency, I’m looking forward to seeing how a multi-faceted company like Blast works with multiple clients and multiple goals, all in different markets, simultaneously.
*Become part of company culture – I’m looking forward to getting know each person within Blast and becoming part of the well-oiled machine through conversations and working on projects (and tagging along on daily Whole Foods expeditions). I’m excited to be a sponge to all of these amazing professionals’ experiences and stories.
*Learn new skills + prepare for post-grad life – Perhaps one of my most important goals for this semester is to gain and polish essential public relations skills to be as prepared as possible for the “big leagues.” From briefing sheets, to press lists, to pitching, the learning opportunities are endless (and exciting)!
Whatever this semester holds, I’m definitely in good hands here at Blast. As they say, the best is yet to come!

Alisia-head shot
Alisia: Greetings! I am currently finishing my last semester at The University of Texas at Austin. In May, I will be graduating with a degree in public relations, minoring in business. When time permits, I enjoy reading, running and serving my community alongside my church youth group and sisters of Texas Kappa Delta Chi.
While at Blast PR, I’m hoping to gain further professional experience needed to begin a career in the field. I’m looking forward to enhancing the skills necessary to develop successful PR strategies as well as learning which techniques work best for each one of our clients in order to meet their desired company goals. I also hope to gain exposure from top-to-bottom across the agency.

I’m eager to see my professional growth as the semester unfolds, and I know that Blast PR will help me to reach all of my goals.