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At Blast PR, one of our top goals as an agency is to ensure that each member of our team is highly engaged in order to benefit not only individual growth, but also the growth of our clients and the overall team. We all know that team morale is at its highest when the entire team feels united, and that fuels our mission as an agency — a commitment to proactivity, creativity and innovation that delivers above and beyond thinking across the agency. It’s a primary goal to ensure that team members have the support they need to succeed.

As our agency continues to grow exponentially in team size, office locations, client breadth and more, we are launching the Blast Culture Squad. The group will help ensure that we continue to focus on building team camaraderie by helping everyone understand that each team member supports the growth of the agency, and that we are all in it together — a single team that won’t be divided by barriers — communications, distance or otherwise.

The Blast Culture Squad will be made up of a rolling volunteer group of Blast team members that will change every quarter. This will help ensure that every team member has the opportunity to voice their thoughts on team activities, initiatives and more, thereby directly helping to guide and influence the future culture of Blast PR on a personal level.

Meet the Squad

The first team members to lead the Blast Culture Squad will be: Lorene Kane, Shelley Petri and Marisa Hernandez.

Lorene enjoys working from her office in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. For most of the year, you can catch Lorene on the slopes or out running trails with some pretty impressive wildlife encounters. She soaks up the beautiful town she lives in with her husband and daughter.


Shelley works in our Raleigh, NC office, where Blast was founded back in 2000. Shelley loves to laugh, listen to Sunday Funday radio (preferably while eating a delicious brunch with bottomless mimosas and friends), read Pam Jenoff books and spend time with her family, whom she loves unconditionally.


Marisa certainly has the most interesting hiring experience since she was hired on live TV—by two of our principals— on The Steve Harvey Show!! Marisa lives in Austin—born and raised—where there is always something to do. She loves being active outdoors and of course margaritas on the weekends with her friends.